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Here at The Extra Special Tile and Bathroom Company are confident we stock the tiles to match every current or potential Dorking Bathroom Design project.

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Based in nearby Redhill, we provide free parking while you peruse our extensive collection of Bathroom Tiles. We can also deliver to your door for free within 5 working days. We want you to get your bathroom installation project underway promptly. Furthermore, Homeowners, tradesmen and architects come to us for our unparalleled knowledge of bathrooms.

On this blog page, we’ve decided to impart some advice on how to successfully install a tanking system into your chosen bathroom design. However, if you would like to learn more about how The Extra Special Tile & Bathroom Company can help you with your new bathroom in Dorking, please do contact ss. You can visit our Contact page to submit your enquiry or call us on 01737 767 831; we’d be happy to help.

What is a Tanking System?

A tanking system is a 2-part, paint-on method of waterproofing new or existing bathroom tiles. Dorking residents may like to note that legislation has passed making tanking systems essential for new bathrooms. Failure to comply may result in hefty home insurance costs. It needs to be incorporated into your bathroom installation in places that may be subject to water damage. These could be behind or underneath your bathroom tiles.

Where and Why Would I Use a Tanking System?

A tanking system is used to waterproof any bathroom installation to ensure that no water or condensation penetrates your grout. The paint is made of a rubber-like substance and is a great way to waterproof a shower area of your Dorking Bathroom Design project. It gives homeowners a real assurance that it will stay looking true to its original bathroom design. Many failures can occur when water damages the wall behind bathroom tiles.

Could I Do This Myself?

Tanking is surprisingly easy to do yourself. Once you have your tanking system kit, all that’s needed is a sturdy paintbrush, some masking tape, and a clean cloth to wipe away any excess. Firstly, apply an even, liberal coat with vertical or horizontal brush strokes. Then apply tape to the joins in your bathroom installation. These occur where the wall meets the floor. It could also be in corners in the shower area or in any other nooks and crannies you may find during your Dorking Bathroom Design project.

Follow the recommended drying time before applying the second coat. This time, use the opposite direction of brushstroke to the one you used for the first coat. You need to ensure every bit of your bathroom installation has been covered with tanking paint. Only this way will its protection be absolutely effective.

Once the second coat of sealant has dried, which will take 24 hours, check that you are satisfied the entire covered area. At this point, you are ready to apply your brand new bathroom tiles from The Extra Special Tile and Bathroom Company! We have an expansive range of tiles to suit any Dorking Bathroom Design idea.

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