Chic, Long-Lasting Bathroom Tiles for Your Reigate Bathroom Design Project

The Extra Special Tile & Bathroom Company has quickly become a popular name amongst Reigate residents looking for help with their Reigate Bathroom Design project. Once you choose your favourite bathroom tiles from our Redhill showroom, we will deliver them to your door for free within 5 working days. We have a wide variety of tiles to suit every bathroom design need. Get your Reigate Bathroom Design project off to an “extra special” start with us.

In this blog, we’ve looked at some of the Reigate Bathroom Design trends making a splash in 2018 and beyond. If you find yourself inspired, contact us! Visit our contact page to submit your enquiry or call us on 01737 767 831 to find out how we can accommodate your every need for bathroom tiles.

Mellow Out

Cool, calm tones that lend themselves to a relaxed, tranquil bathroom ambience will be popular this year. Our top recommendations for calming hues include light blues and greens (e.g emerald green). When teamed with metallic fixtures and rustic tiles such as travertine, a sophisticated bathroom look is achieved. However, for a more budget-friendly take, crisp white porcelain and accents of wood can provide bathrooms with a fresh, uplifting aesthetic.

Get Creative With Your Tiles

Both patterned and geometric tiles have been highly sought-after in recent years, but tastes are changing. Plain bathroom tiles, such as our range of cost-effective ceramics, laid in strange and creative patterns, are making a return to the spotlight. Basketweave, Herringbone and windmill patterns are just three you might like to consider for your Reigate bathroom installation.

White Fittings

White is the new black when bathroom design is concerned. Rather than sleek, moody black fittings, white can add a fresh, contemporary vibe. Use white fixtures to complete a clean, minimalist look for your Reigate. Alternatively, contrast them against primary-coloured mosaic bathroom tiles. By doing this you will create a striking space in any bathroom.

Industrial Chic

Edgy industrial-inspired bathroom installation is on the rise. You might like to consider the use of cool, gritty concrete for your bathroom tiles. Conversely, you may prefer a silky smooth, polished finish. The harshness of concrete floors and walls can be offset and softened by flashes of wood, towels with natural fibres and plush bathmats.

A Hint of Pink

For a lively look for your brand new Reigate Bathroom Design project, you might like to stay ahead of the curve with flamboyant bathroom tiles. Dusty pink, peach and coral are tipped to be 2018’s big successes. This trend comes as decorators and architects look to experiment with more playful shades. If pink’s not your thing, a palette of purple and black may be the right colour combo for Reigate residents who love a bit of drama and opulence in their bathroom design.

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